Organisational Development

Every business has 3 pillars i.e. People- Process- Product. It is observed that most of the organisations over focuses on product and process and ignore people aspect completely. But to achieve scalable and sustainable business, growth approach must be holistic. Organisational Development is an integrated development of 3P’s resulting in accelerated & sustainable growth the Organisation.

1. What we do
Support organisational leaders and their functional groups to create systemic change for growth.

2. The results we offer
Improve people capability and integrate processes to enhance the performance.

3. How we do it
Through diagnostic approach and enabling reality.

OD Services

  • Evolving Vision, Mission and Values from DNA of an organisation
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Assessment Centre and Development Centre
  • Leadership Development
  • Competency Mapping
  • Talent Management
  • Business Excellence Framework
  • Business Value Chain Mapping

3Ps – The Pillars of Your Business

Product – Processes – People

Organisational transformation has to be holistic in order to power sustainable business growth. That is the reason why solutions that don’t integrate the 3Ps are not effective. While you focus on your product, we fine tune your processes and develop people competencies to meet future goals.

What’s Wrong with the Existing System?

If you ask us, on the face of it, nothing. Your existing system has strengths and weaknesses. It delivers results that you have come to expect. However, this is also a sign that you are not moving ahead. For instance, If you wish to double revenue and improve output efficiency, you will have to embrace positive changes.

Why is OD Crucial for Your Business?

It smoothes and aligns your business goals to the transformation you desire. We customise OD interventions to add value to your company’s holistic growth by taking into account the entire business ecosystem of product, processes and people. This gives you new perspectives you can identify with, so that you can plant the seed that will give your growth direction and speed. We solidify your foundation by helping your resources reach their optimum potential.

What’s our idea behind OD?

Your current system has its limitations. Without 360 degree organisational transformation, your growth engine will not pick up speed. It will keep moving at the pace that you are now used to. This is a globally proven fact.That’s where we come in. If you want different results, you must change systems and people’s perspectives. We will help improve your systems, reorganise and realign people competencies (KASH) and induce change with minimum teething troubles. This makes growth robust.

Our OD Process

How do we Create Change?

The first step towards growth-oriented change is a comprehensive diagnosis of your business health.

We create Vision, Mission and Values for your organisation via a participatory process. We bounce off ideas at every crucial level in your business

We develop short-term and long-term business plans that are tailor-made to echo your aspirations

To make it effective, we create appropriate score cards for the organisation, its departments and individuals, by defining key performance indicators (KPIs). This enhances accountability and makes growth visible.

We re-engineer your key-business processes so you optimise cost and cycle time, without compromising on quality. In short, we align and integrate various business processes to yield maximum output

To improve productivity, we build suitable mechanisms focussed on maximising efficiency by fine tuning input and throughput.

To configure growth to your new goal, potential assessment of your performing staff is a must. It lets you define your path of growth clearly and helps you find future leaders. Our Hi Pot Assessment Process uses various tools & approaches along with an assessment & development centre (AC-DC).

We have expertise in mapping people skills and abilities via a Competency Modeling and Capability Assessment system. It supports all your HR Processes as a reference.