Learning & Development

In rapidly changing economies, competition, technology, cultures and ecology, holistic capability development of human capital has a fresh sense of urgency. Effective training of employees is key for any business success. A core area of change is the individual and collective mindset that strengthens your organisation. Your business must consistently update its knowledge and the skill sets of the people who make it happen.

We believe that every training program must address all or either of KASH attribute (Knowledge-Skills-Attitude-Habits) part of competency. If the training program does not address these, then that training program is of no use to the participants and the organisation. Our customised training programs focuses on competency (KASH) enhancement with ‘learning by doing’ (Experiential learning and blended learning).

1. What we do

Design and deliver customised training programs for Leadership teams, Managerial and Supervisory development through diagnostic approach.

Accelerate the effectiveness of organisations by impacting KASH (Knowledge-Skills-Attitude-Habits) of individuals.


2. The results we offer

TNI to RoI

Our customised trainings build people capability, enhance performance and effectiveness of the organisation. The results impacted are Employee Engagement, Motivation, Trust levels and Team spirit, Dissolved silos, Productivity, Customer satisfaction and readiness to take up challenges.

3. How we do it
Through the right design and blend of various learning methodologies.

L & D Services

  • Leadership Development At Different Levels; Functional to Business, Team to Functional and Individual to Team
  • Managerial Development Programmes
  • Outbound Trainings
  • Train The Trainer
  • Values & Code Of Conduct
  • Soft Skills
  • Training Content Development

What we bring to the table?

We have unique business value propositions and capability in the learning and development (L&D) space. We can provide end-to-end solutions in developing KASH of your people. Here’s what we do:

Training Process Ownership

We can help you outsource the process. This will give you the time to concentrate on other areas that you may need to value add.
We assess the existing L&D process in your organisation, its maturity and how it is connected to your business objectives. We calibrate and fine tune the process to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Identify Training Needs, Test Its Efficacy Through Revenue Generation

We help business leaders identify the kind of training their staff needs via a training needs identification (TNI) solution. We then put its efficacy to test by seeing how it reflects on return on investment (RoI).

Professional L&D Audits

We do comprehensive learning and development (L&D) audits so that you know how mature your process is.

Develop L&D Professionals, Trainers To Manage L&D Functions

We make you self-sufficient in your learning and development needs by training L&D professionals and trainers within and outside the organisation.